Enable Spell Checking in Google Chrome

If you type fast then Google Chrome's spell checker surely will help you.
[Image: e7yePDh.jpg]
Yes. Google chrome's new feature is spell checker which checks the spell when you type in website.

To turn on this feature, follow the below steps
1.Click on Wrench button on right top corner below close button and goto Settings.
[Image: MMGoLUL.png]
2. Scroll down and click on Show Advanced settings
[Image: A4JqthU.png]
3.Search for Languages and input settings click on it.
[Image: SgvhxlW.png]
4.Now it open a Languages box and in that left bottom just enable the spell checking
[Image: OvCPSY0.png]
5.If you want to add some words to dictionary just click on the Custom spelling dictionary.
Now enter the word to add and click on Done.
[Image: o9DKBB2.png]

That's it...
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Offline Google Translator for Android

So here is the offline translator from Google for Android Users.[Image: 7pX8aOw.png]
Now you can translate select the language which you desire to work on offline.
[Image: tfptFbW.png]
since you are using in Offline it will take few minutes to translate. .
Get it HERE
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Find fastest DNS for your Area

NameBench 1.3 is new version and its a project under Google.
Namebench uses web browser history,standariszed database &  tcp dump output.
NameBench 1.3 does not modify your system.
Its an Open Source project.

Here is how:
1. First download NameBench 1.3 Here
2. Now Open it.
3. it will include the current DNS server on your system.
Now check on Include global DNS providers & Include best available DNS services.
[Image: xpY032N.png]
4.Click on Start Benchmark
It will take about 10min to complete.
[Image: fjqVaxV.png]
[Image: 5y2V9rz.png]
5. After the complete you will get report of the result.
Based on this you can use DNS servers.
The reports contains Graph and chart of Mean Response Duration & Fastest Individual Response Duration.
[Image: zkLw3an.png]
[Image: 5zMx78R.png]
You can also import the result as .csv file. .
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PrivaZer is a privacy cleaner that scans your computer and provides you with a complete report of all computer and Internet traces that can be found on your PC.
 You can review the results in the detail and choose to securely erase them from your disk.
The program performs a very thorough scan that not only includes the common traces like registry, Internet history, cookies etc., but also looks for potential traces in your free disk space sectors.
Below are the screen shots:[Image: tMKkToa.png]

[Image: vIrEHmW.png]
[Image: j6VAker.png]
[Image: UrAd30s.png]
[Image: LthGTis.png]
[Image: wjcPfUq.png]
[Image: EJdYPzx.png]
[Image: InGlRxZ.png]
[Image: hSVLUrC.png]
[Image: b4VhVpw.png]
[Image: O2KEpTN.png]
[Image: xdPSI0X.png]
[Image: p95N8r5.png]
[Image: XcwCSyt.png]
[Image: DMBnYRs.png]
[Image: K4NT0cz.png]
[Image: h3zhOU9.png]
[Image: sZEb6X6.png]
[Image: qcHTe51.png]
[Image: wYEZFiE.png]
[Image: P4CuRnc.png]
[Image: 5CzxRTB.png]

Download HERE
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Log in to Windows 8 Automatically

Tired of having to log into Windows passing through Start Screen?
Would you prefer that when you started the machine,you logged in automatically?
Here is the tweak to do it:

1.Open Windows registry
by pressing Window key+R and type regeit and press Enter
[Image: L2A9DLa.png]
2.Navigate to this path 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

3.Now it will looks like
[Image: avgmu1n.png]
4. Open the AutoAdminLogon which will be on right side and change the Value data as 1 and press OK.
[Image: VojlvTA.png]
5.Now right click on right side and create a new String value
[Image: eFGDphf.png]
6. Name it as DefaultPassword
[Image: vX3XR08.png]
7.Now open the DefaultPassword and enter your password in the value data.
[Image: iejEatB.png]
8.Now Close the Registry.
That's it. . . . 
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Avast free for 1 year


Get Avast free for 1 year!

Just do the following:

1. Goto this LINK 
2. Fill the form
3. In your avast goto maintenance and click on Registration and enter the key you received!

That's it..
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Google Reader is gonna Shut down

Google Reader's day has finally come.
[Image: Un5BZFn.jpg]
Google Reader will officially be shutdown on July 1, 2013.
[Image: Td5Y1tj.png]

So Backup your data:

1.Goto Google Reader.
You get the information as
[Image: Td5Y1tj.png]
click on Learn More. You will be taken to new page in there click on Click here
[Image: XWYHtkV.png]
2. Now it will load the files of your's from Reader
[Image: hYZJpbJ.png]
3. Then it will build the archive of your files and click on Download to get your files.
[Image: Kx1ezsG.png]
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Microsoft released Code sample of Kinect for Windows Platform

Windows have released 22 code samples to help developers to get starting on the Kinect for Windows platform.[Image: 3KrnjvF.png]
To promote the Kinect platform for its game controller, Microsoft releases 22 code samples and the code involves

  • face tracking.
  • gestures and more 
Languages like:
  • C#
  • C++
  • Visual Basic
To run the code you need
  • Visual Studio 2010 or 2012
  • .Net framework 4.0 or 4.5
  • Kinect for Windows SDK
Optional Requirements:
  • Windows Presentation Foundation,
  • DirectX
  • XNA framework

Get the code samples HERE
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Google's TLD

ICANN- Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the private, Non profit corporation.

[Image: wc0op38.jpg]

next is TLD- Top Level Domain is the domains at the highest level in hierarchical DNS.
For example http://www.vidyarthiplus.com means, the TLD is .com
TLD is delegated to responsible of ICANN.

here is the news which i wanna tell.
Google going for TLD in four categories:

  • Trademarks like .google
  • Domains related to core like .docs
  • Domains to improve user experience like .youtube
  • Domains Google think have interesting and creative potential as .lol

Below are the domains which are Google applied for gTLDs

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