Bugtraq-pentesting desto Linux

Bugtraq-Team was founded in 2011 and was consolidated in 2012, has since evolved exponentially and today we still hunger for exploring new frontiers.


  • Administrative improvements of the system for better management of services.
  • Expanded the range of recognition for injection wireless drivers.
  • Patching the kernel 2.6.38 to recognize 4 gigs of RAM in 32-bit.
  • Tools perfectly configured, automated installation scripts and tools like Nessus, OpenVASGreenbone, Nod32, Hashcat, Avira, BitDefender, ClamAV, Avast, AVG, etc...
  • Unique Scripts from Bugtraq-Team (SVN updates tools, delete tracks, backdoors, Spyder-sql, etc.)
  • Stability and performance optimized: Enhanced performance flash and java and start purging unnecessary services. So thatthe user can use only the services you really want.
  • It has incorporated the creation of the user in the installation, which is created with all system configurations.
  • We are the distribution and Forensic Pentesting with more tools built and functionalwell organized menu without repetitionof the same to avoid overwhelming the user.
the most comprehensive distributionoptimal, stable and automatic security to date. Bugtraq is a distribution based on the 2.6.38 kernel has a wide range of penetration and forensic tools.

Official Site HERE
Download HERE
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Santoku Linux

Its an open source tools which is being used in Mobile forensics,Malware analysis and security testing.
We have to know what is meant by

  1. Mobile Forensics: division of digital forensics related to recovering of digital evidence from mobile device which is under the condition of sound forensically.
  2. Malware analysis: study a program's behavior and verify if it has malicious functionality or behavior.

This Santoku consists of tools like

  • Development tools
  • Penetration testing
  • Wireless Analyzers
  • Device Forensics
  • Reverse Engineering

Visit official website for more details.
Official Site HERE
Download HERE

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WAppEx-Web Application Exploiter

WAppEx is an integrated platform for performing penetration testing and exploiting of web applications on Windows or Linux. It can automatically check for all type of security vulnerabilities in the given target and then let you to run various payloads to exploit and take advantages of the vulnerability.

WAppEx is so easy to use and also so flexible. It doesn't matter you're a beginner or a professional, using WAppEx makes your works easier, faster and more effective.

WAppEx is a multi platform application and it is executable in Linux and Windows.
Check out the official website for tutorial and know about many features.
Official Website HERE
Download HERE
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Phishing Tool Kit-->SP Toolkit


The idea of SP Toolkit had was that wouldn’t it be cool if there were a simple, effective, easy to use and free (most importantly!) tool that information security professionals could use to evaluate and train what we all know is the weakest link in any security minded organization:  the people.  Since the founders of the spt project are themselves information security professionals by day (and possibly either LOL cats or zombies by night), they themselves faced the frustration of dealing with people within their own organizations that claimed to know better, but 9 times out of 10 fell for the most absurdly obvious phishing emails ever seen.  
A malware outbreak here, a stolen password and loss of critical organizational data there and the costs of dealing with the results of phishing can get to be astronomical pretty darn quickly!
Enter spt.  spt was made from scratch, like a baby with the goal of giving over-worked and under-staffed information security professionals a simple tool as SP ToolKit hope to add more features over time) that could be used to identify and train those weakest links.  
spt is a fully self-contained phishing email toolkit that can be installed, configured and phishing in less than 15 minutes.  Its design is modular and open-ended allowing for future expansion and additional features via easy to snap-in modules that are simply uploaded in the administration dashboard.  Why not try out spt today and see who your weakest link is?

Download the Tool Kit HERE
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LG event in India


LG Announces event on November 1st in Mumbai.

It will be a Entertainment event and they are gonna release LG Largest TV!
The invitation was designed as Large Sofa in red colour.
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ISO to USB is a very easy to use Windows application designed to help you write ISO images to USB disks with minimum configuration options.

Input the path to the ISO file and select the USB drive, with multiple file systems supported like  FAT32, FAT, exFAT and NTFS.
You can write down the volume label and make the drive bootable, but this is only for Windows bootable ISO images.

Download HERE
Official Site HERE

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an easy-to-use anti-malware application available in both a Free and PRO version. With over 100 million downloads, the Free version is well-known for its detection and removal capabilities, and the PRO version uses advanced protection technologies to proactively stop malware infections.

Additionally, Malwarebytes offers a host of extra utilities as well as an approachable forum community to help you combat any piece of malware that exists in the wild.
  • Light speed quick scanning.
  • Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Protection Module. (requires registration)
  • Database updates released daily.
  • Ability to perform full scans for all drives.
  • Quarantine to hold threats and restore them at your convenience.
Installation Notes:
1. Unrar the file downloaded
2. Run mbam.exe to install program and update it.
3. Navigate to settings->updater settings and deselect this "download and install program update if available"
4. Select to register
5. Open Keygen folder and Use the keygen to generate a serial.

Download HERE
Download HERE (Torrent)
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Winamp 5.63 Pro

Nullsoft Winamp Pro is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows. Winamp supports playback of many audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc) and video types (AVI, ASF, MPEG, NSV), custom appearances called skins (supporting both classic Winamp 1.x/2.x skins and Winamp 3 freeform skins), audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins (including two industry dominating visualization plug-ins), an advanced media library, Internet radio and TV support, CD ripping, and CD burning.

-> Plays Music and Video Files (aacPlus, MP3, AAC, WMA and more!)
-> Compatible with Winamp 2 Plug-ins
-> Full Support for Classic and Modern Skins
-> Plays Videos (NSV, WMV, and more!)
-> Powerful Media Library
-> Browse SHOUTcast Radio & TV Stations
-> Browse Winamp Music Videos & Songs
-> Integrated AOL Video Content (News, Sports, Movies & more)
-> AOL Radio Featuring XM
-> SHOUTcast Wire (podcast directory)
-> Predixis MusicMagic (dynamic playlisting)
-> Bundled Visualizations
-> Burn CDs (Limited to 2x – 48x in Pro!)
-> Rips CDs (Limited to 8x aacPlus, AAC, WMA – Unlimited aacPlus, AAC, WMA and MP3 in Pro!)
-> 50 free mp3s from Emusic
-> Includes Winner of the Internet
-> Surround Music Project!
-> Includes an MP3 of ‘Mercy Me’ by Alkaline Trio
-> Rip/Encode music into aacPlus, AAC, WMA, or MP3!
-> Burn CDs up to 48x!

Installation Notes:
1.Unrar the file downloaded using Winrar or Winzip
2.Install the setup
3.Open Keygen folder and run the keygen to create the key for ur name

Download HERE with password techreg
Download HERE (Torrent)
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Ecodsoft Keylogger

Ecodsoft Keylogger is very powerful monitoring software which could record and log all the computer activity. This key logger tool work in stealthy mode and completely invisible to other people. It could not only record key stroke but the software informations such as applications launched, websites visited, and popular Instant Messenger log.


Secretly record all keystrokes typed by computer users in total stealth.
Log and save all the message on the PC, and could send to you via email secretly.
The key logger and monitor could record screen and save as bmp files,
so you could browse and check them anytime.

Download HERE with password techreg

Download HERE (Torrent)
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UberStudent is a free, user-friendly Linux distribution for learning, doing, and teaching academic success at the higher education and advanced secondary levels. Researchers, knowledge workers, and lifelong learners will equally benefit. A free Moodle-based virtual learning environment is being developed to support and teach usage of the platform. 

UberStudent fundamentally redefines what it means to be an operating system for education. At core, it is a pedagogically cohesive academic success curriculum integrated into an installable, easy-to-use, and full-featured learning platform. Learning UberStudent means learning academic success.

UberStudent is developed by professional educators around a core academic skills approach to student computing—the research and writing, reading, studying, and self-management skills that are essential to all students regardless of their academic major.

 UberStudent can additionally be extended for specific academic disciplines using its on-board tools for discovering and installing disciplinary software.
UberStudent is:
  • Free to install, use and share. Never again will you have to lay out painful cash every few years just to keep updated, or tolerate nagging or crippled software. UberStudent A+, which includes non-free software and dedicated support will soon be available for educational institutions.
  • Built upon compatibility with the latest distribution of Ubuntu (version 9.10), the world's dominant open source operating system. With UberStudent, you can be confident that you are computing from both strength and stability.
  • Works "out-of-the-box" on nearly every manufacturer's laptop or desktop computer, both new and older, and tools and guides are right onboard to get your hardware going for the rare instances otherwise. Give UberStudent a test run from its Live DVD! When you're ready to install, you can do it side-by-side with your current configured operating system and choose between them at boot time.
  • Fully multimedia-ready in mere seconds. Just go to the Extras Menu in the Main Menu ("Start Button"), click the appropriate icons, and you're all set.
  • High-yield quick-help guides, example program usages, and templates for academic work by top educators and students (but approved by educators) are on-board in UberStudent, and their number is growing. You'll save time and very quickly become productive by doing.
  • Blazingly fast, much faster than the operating system with which you are probably accustomed. It boots much faster, and programs both load and respond faster—no more clicking and constant waiting! And when you search for files, you'll have results in an instant. You can even preview the contents of files by simply highlighting the file (clicking on it once) and hitting the space bar. UberStudent users stand to gain hours of increased productivity per month because their programs both load and work that much faster.
  • An eye-popping user interface comes default on UberStudent, as expected of a next-generation operating system. With just a few clicks you can additionally enable a Mac-like dock, and on higher end computers you can easily install free proprietary drivers and enable amazing window animations that are at the utter pinnacle of the desktop computing world.
  • Easily accessible power-user extras that won't get in the way of those who aren't looking for them. For example, hit F12 and Guake Terminal will drop down transparently from the top of your screen. You'll find many command line programs ready to go.

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VMware ThinApp

VMware ThinApp is designed to deliver virtualized instances of applications in order to help IT administrators with software migration to a newer operating system and eliminate specific conflicts and compatibility issues.

· Application isolation: Isolated applications run in a virtual bubble in restricted user accounts without requiring any host
· modification: Deploy Office 97, 2003, 2007, and .NET applications on the same OS without conflict as the applications run independent of one another.

· Zero-runtime execution: With no installed agent, no footprint is left on the endpoint device. Applications run directly from the compressed state without first caching data to the hard disk, achieving better performance and security of data.

· 100% User Mode execution: Client runs on locked-down, unmanaged “kiosk” PCs without Admin rights to execute applications, enabling it to be used on managed and unmanaged PC.

· Block-by-block network streaming: Applications virtualized execute once the minimum amount of code required to run the application is available in the desktop’s memory. For example, less than 10% of Microsoft Office needs to be physically streamed to the client in order for it to run. LAN streaming has an average start-up time of just a few seconds.

· Sandbox environments for terminal services: Provide sandboxing for applications running in a terminal services environment so that multiple users can run their own sandboxed application without affecting each other. If one instance of the application tries to make system-wide changes, other users running the same applications are not affected.

· 64-bit operating system support: Enables applications to be virtualized and run on 64-bit systems.

· Execution on thin clients: Tested and certified to run virtualized applications on Windows XP-based thin clients.

Download HERE (Torrent)
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Create your own Android Web browser

Thanks to Maxthon Corp for providing this service!
You can create your own Android web browser in 6 steps.
First you have to navigate to HERE  which is our workspace.

Log in using Facebook account.
Now follow the following steps:

1. Its time to Name your Browser.
Name your browser!
wysiwyg image
2.many of ppl wanna use own icon so for that click on Customize and upload your icon. Note: your icon should be size of 72x72pic.
wysiwyg image
3.If you wish to keep your website as homepage you can set it by clicking customize and paste your web address.
wysiwyg image
4.Now select a theme!
wysiwyg image
You can select one of the theme in dropdown box
wysiwyg image
5.Create a splash screen which can be size of 480x800 and upload it by clicking Upload your own 
wysiwyg image
6.Enter your email ID
wysiwyg image
7.Press Create Android Browser and it will take few time to create your own Android Browser
wysiwyg image
Hooray! you have created!!!
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Uninstall Tool with Crack

Make your Computer Work Faster Now by using Uninstall Tool! It's a fast, secure and convenient way to remove unneeded applications and system components. Great, powerful and reliable alternative to standard Windows removal program.


  •  Uninstall Wizard: faster scanning
  •  Uninstall Wizard: detection of running processes among found traces; termination on request
  •  Better program listing, better icon detection
  •  Ability to force stop uninstall processes (when third-party uninstaller is freezed)
  •  Show recent items in the secondary toolbar (not in status bar) with grouping items (Apps/System/Hidden) in a popup menu
  •  Improved cache algorithms
  •  Improved search filter usage
  •  List view with small icons looks better now
  •  Google for program name (Ctrl+G) and its publisher (see 'Action' menu)
  •  Uninstaller cache is now saved to 'CachedData.dat' file (located in CSIDL_APPDATACrystalIdea SoftwareUninstall Tool). One can manually refresh the cache by simply pressing the Refresh button in the toolbar (F5).

Installation Notes:
1.unpack rar archive
2.run the setup
3.Copy the crack folder content and paste it to the software installed directory

Download HERE with password techreg
Download HERE (Torrent)
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Microsoft Office 2010 Activated

On April 15, 2010, Office 2010 was released to manufacturing. The suite became available for retail and online purchase on June 15, 2010.
Office 2010 is the first version to require product activation for volume license editions

Features of Office 2010 include:

  •  Ribbon interface and Backstage View across all applications
  •  Background Removal Tool
  •  Letter Styling
  •  The Word 2007 Equation editor is common to all applications, replacing Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0
  •  New SmartArt templates
  •  New text and image editing effects
  •  Screen Capturing and Clipping tools
  •  Live collaboration functions
  •  Jump lists in Windows 7
  •  New animations and transitions in PowerPoint 2010
  •  View Side by Side/Synchronous Scrolling in Word 2010

Installation Notes:
1. Unrar the downloaded file
2. Extract the Office.exe
3. Run the setup.exe

Download HERE (Torrent)
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Earn Money by sharing Image


Imagehyper lets you earn cash by showing your images to other users: every time a visitor watches one of your images, you are automatically credited with a variable amount of money (depending on many factors, including where the visitors is from).

We're different (and better!) from other websites because of several reasons:
  • We pay both the uploader and the site owner
  • Our interface is extremely modern and user friendly, it's based on AJAX and most of our scripts are hosted by Google™'s content distribution network
  • We are loved by webmasters because we put them in control of their own visitors
  • We pay the highest net rates in the industry
  • We are honest, we'll never scam you out of your own earnings, as long as you follow the terms of service

    We believe site owners should have the last word and should be in complete control of what ads their visitors are shown, so we're the ultimate forum-friendly image host and the best image host for every other kind of site where external uploaders can upload photos.
    • You can register your site under your account and claim control over visitors coming from it
    • You decide how many ads to show them by choosing from 3 "ad levels": low, medium and high
    • You get paid a variable % of the cash generated by that visitor
    • Every member coming from your site automatically becomes your referral, and you earn a % of his own earnings


    • You can refer members to your own affiliate link and they will automatically become your referral
    • Every member visiting your images will automatically become your referral
    • You get paid the highest amounts of cash per view in the industry. The figures we claim are net and real, we don't inflate our numbers or scam you out of your earnings like so many other sites do
    • Every member coming from your site automatically becomes your referral, and you earn a % of his own earnings.


  • 1.20$ United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
  • 0.40$ Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece,Ireland, Iceland, Lichenstein, Luxembourg, France, New Zealand
  • 0.1$ Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, India, Denmark,Hong Kong, Monaco
  • 0.03$ All other countries
  • Rates quotes are for NSFW - XXX images, the ones in the family-friendly section are currently only getting 50% of this quoted payout.
  • Payout by Liberty Reserve and Paypal

Click HERE to register

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Stealthy Unlock the web

The term Stealthy refers to military aircraft that can penetrate into enemy territory undetected by radar. In a way, that’s what this browser extension does.
Some organizations and governments block access to web pages, and certain online services are not available in all countries. With Stealthy, users can make themselves undetectable, and thereby able to bypass the censorship.

Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.We provide the proxies, so you don't have to bother searching for lists that usually don't work. The extension automatically selects and sets up tested proxies from the cloud. Stealthy is a user-friendly add-on that lets you visit websites that are restricted based on geographical location.
  • Go here to get to the installation page.
  • Press the “+ ADD TO CHROME” button in the upper right hand corner:
  • Press install when asked. (If you are worried about the permissions required by the extension check out this certificate)
  • It will quickly install itself.
  • Press the little red thingy up in the right hand corner of the browser. Doing so will turn on Stealthy:
  • Once it’s enabled and ready, it will turn green.

  • Turn Stealthy off when you not longer need it, or your internet speed will be dramatically reduced.
Additional configuration:
  • ​To get into the configuration page do right click on Stealthy's icon and then select "Options"
  • The first set of options are the most important, if you need a fast, reliable service that will make you 100% anonymous and will make you able to use services as youtube, facebook, pandora and netflix PRO-US (1st option) is the way to go, if you want to use some British service as BBC iPlayer select PRO-UK (2nd option) in order to use them you need a subscription, more info here.
  • The other two options are not as efective and fast, but totally free, chose the apropiate for you, by default you have the "Normal" choice, used if you want to fake your location to access services that are blocked where you are but available everywhere else (e.g. YouTube in Germany).
  • If the service that you want is specific to some other country the last option is the way to go, and you must provide the country name, as you type a list with available countries will appear, just select the desired one, if is not on the list just try again latter, this list change overtime.
  • Then you have something called bypass list, used if you want to have direct connection to certain sites, even when Stealthy is on.
  • You also have the option of automatically turn Stealthy on when you start Chrome.
  • When you make any chenge make sure of scroll down and press Save.
  • Lastly you can make Stealthy to only have effect on incognito windows, this is useful if you want to use Stealthy just for some sites, you should use this options and open those sites on an incognito window, in case you use this options other steps are needed:
    • Go to the extensions manager page (chrome://settings/extensions)
    • Find Stealthy and do click on the small arrow on the left to show details.
    • Check the "Allow in incognito" box.
    • Now you can open an incognito window (Shift+Ctrl+N) and activate Stealthy normally

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Anonymous Browsing using Freegate


Freegate is a proxy service that you can use in order to bypass filters and censorship, which are becoming more and more present on the Internet with each passing day. This proxy utility is very small and very simple to use, everything is practically automated and you can have a fully working proxy and protection that it offers in just a few clicks.
Freegate is an anti-censorship software for secure and fast Internet access. 

It was developed and maintained by Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. (DIT), a pioneer in censorship-circumvention operation.
  • users access web sites overseas as fast as their local ones;
  • requires no installation or change in system setting;
  • a single executable file on a Windows platform.
Freegate works by tapping into an anti-censorship backbone, DynaWeb, DIT's P2P-like proxy network system.
Freegate's anti-censorship capability is further enhanced by a new, unique encryption and compression algorithm in the versions of 6.33 and above.
Click HERE for official website
Click HERE for download
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Earn Money using HulkLoad


Pay-Per-Download Program

  • HulkLoad PPD program is the simplest program that allow you to earn every time your files are downloaded.
  • HulkLoad pay up to $10 per 1000 downloads depend on downloader location.
  • HulkLoad count downloads from all countries around the world with the highest rates.
  • HulkLoad count downloads from file size 1 Byte Only

Earning Per 1000 Downloads

Size / Country *
1Byte - 25Mb$6$4$2$1
25Mb - 50Mb$8$5$3$1
50Mb - 200Mb$10$6$4$2

Country Groups:

  • Group A: United States or Canada.

  • Group B: France, Germany, United Kingdom or Australia.

  • Group C: Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates or Japan.

  • Group D: all other countries

Earnings Rules:

  • Calculated earnings for all countries and all sizes for files.

  • You must be a members to earn from your file downloads.

  • Only people knowing the exact download URL are able to download your file.

  • Your files and images will not be deleted and it will keep in our servers for ever for free and registered users , or you can delete it yourself from your account.

  • Affiliate Program: If another uploader registers under a referral link of yours, you will permanently earn 10% of what that uploader earns.

  • All free users (guests or members) can downoad unlimited files per day.

  • The maximum file size is 50 MB for Free members and 200 MB for premium members.

  • Free users can download up to 200 MB.

  • You can upload images and files and share it with your freinds.

  • You will get 50% from each Premium account sale.

  • Adult images and porn videos not allowed in HULKLOAD.

  • DMCA Files: If your uploaded file is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the file, your file will be deleted permanently from our server but the collected earnings will not be affected.

When Can I get paid ?

  • You will be paid once your earnings reach $1 or above. if your earnings reached $1, you will get paid in less than 24 hours after your payment request.

  • We are offering different payment methods ( Moneybookers, Payza, LibertyReserve, WebMoney )

Click HERE and earn 

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YouTube Downloader Pro

YouTube Downloader is software that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others and convert them to other video formats.

The program is easy to use, just specify the URL for the video you want to download and click the Ok button!

It also allows you to convert downloaded videos for Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, XVid and MP3.

Sites to download:

  • Youtube
  • BadJoJo
  • BBC.co.uk
  • Bing Video
  • Blip.tv
  • Bofunk
  • Break
  • CollegeHumor
  • Crackle
  • DailyHaHa
  • DailyMotion
  • EbaumsWorld
  • ESPN Videos
  • Facebook
  • FunnyOrDie
  • Gaytube
  • GodTube
  • Google Video
  • Hentaimedia
  • LiveLeak
  • MeFeedia
  • Metacafe
  • Myspace Video
  • Pornhost
  • Pornhub
  • PornoTube
  • RedTube
  • Sevenload
  • Shufuni
  • Slutload
  • Spankwire
  • Stickam
  • Streetfire.net
  • Tangle
  • ThatVideoSite
  • TNAflix
  • Tontuyau
  • Tube8
  • Ustream.tv
  • Vevo
  • VideoClipsDump
  • VideoJug
  • Videu.de
  • Vimeo
  • Worldstarhiphop
Installation Notes:
1. Extract the downloaded file
2. Install YTDSetup.exe
3. Open the Crack folder and copy the ytd.exe
4. Paste it in installed directory folder.

Download HERE
Download HERE (Torrent)
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Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate full version

Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate has the ability to change the content to audio and video files that fit like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264, RM, MOV, M4V, XviD, 3GP, MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A , AAC, AC3, OGG, and others. Not just stop there, other than to change the content Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate can also be used to resize, overlay effects, add logos and previews, this software also has a variety of tools that serve to cut the video frame, adjust image effects, add watermarks / subtitles / soundtracks to videos.


  • Split and merge. Splitting one source file into several or merging several source files into one is up to you;
  • Concurrently set divers output formats from one. You can concurrently choose divers formats as outputting to rip one original further for different multimedia devices applications;
  • Video preview. You can preview the source video or the fixed video, and even compare them before ripping;
  • Batch processing. Just add all source files selected, and click one button, Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate will automatically rip them to the target formats you want one by one;
  • Advanced audio and video settings. Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate provides detailed audio and video settings, such as quality level, sample rate, channel, split mode, to meet different needs;
  • Television Broadcast standard supported. Support both NTSC and PAL DVD ripping;
  • Retrieve DVD information online. You can acquire DVD information from the Internet automatically or manually; Excellent audio and video quality. Compared with other rip software, Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate rips DVD to any audio and video with better quality beyond your imagination, like the original DVD;
  • Easy to use. Ripping DVD to video and audio with Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate is so simple that even a novice can also get video and audio from DVD with ease;
  • High ripping speed. Fully support Intel Pentium D Dual-Core Processor and AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual-Core Processor; support multi-threading with no limitation in speed; detect your CPU model automatically, offer you the fastest ripping speed;
  • Multi-language. We provide Chinese, English etc. languages for you to choose.

Installation Notes:
1. Extract
2. Install DVD Ripper Ultimate
3. Don't run program
4. Copy and paste the Patch into the installation directory DVD Ripper Ultimate
5. Run the patch-> Apply patch
6. Run the program DVD Ripper Ultimate> Enter name and serial key.

Download HERE
Download HERE (Torrent)
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2012 American Music Awards Nominees List


Announced today by Christina Aguilera, the nominees for the 2012 American Music Awards are officially out! 

  • Justin Bieber
  • Drake
  • Maroon 5
  • Katy Perry
  • Rihanna

  • J. Cole
  • fun.
  • Gotye
  • Carly Rae Jepsen
  • One Direction

  • Justin Bieber
  • Flo Rida
  • Pitbull
  • Usher

  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Katy Perry
  • Rihanna

  • fun.
  • Maroon 5
  • One Direction
  • The Wanted

  • Justin Bieber – Believe
  • Maroon 5 – Overexposed
  • Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
  • One Direction – Up All Night

  • Jason Aldean
  • Luke Bryan
  • Eric Church

  • Miranda Lambert
  • Taylor Swift
  • Carrie Underwood

  • Zac Brown Band
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Rascal Flatts

  • Luke Bryan – Tailgates & Tanlines
  • Lionel Richie – Tuskegee
  • Carrie Underwood – Blown Away

  • Drake
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Tyga

  • J. Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story
  • Drake – Take Care
  • Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

  • Chris Brown
  • Trey Songz
  • Usher

  • BeyoncĂ©
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Rihanna

  • Chris Brown – Fortune
  • Rihanna – Talk That Talk
  • Usher – Looking 4 Myself

  • The Black Keys
  • Gotye
  • Linkin Park

  • Adele
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Train

  • Don Omar
  • Pitbull
  • Shakira

  • Jeremy Camp
  • Newsboys
  • tobyMac

  • David Guetta
  • Calvin Harris
  • Skrillex

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